[General Feature] We keep track of our PTO in Autotask - can Attendance grab that info

Summary: We keep track of our PTO in Autotask - can Attendance grab that info

Description: All our PTO is setup to work in Autotask - including the acural, caps and rollovers. Can the in and out board read from the PTO in Autotask so they do not need to enter the PTO in here also

Why: Getting techs to do more administrative work - it just does not happen

Priority: Medium

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for sending in your question over MSPbots Forum.

To quickly answer your question, no it cannot. The “in and out board” (MSPbots Attendance App) is independent and has its own settings to define the schedules for each technician. For datasources, it uses your AD to identify the unique users.

If your end goal is to remove (or lessen) the admin tasks for your technicians, we highly recommend for you to use our App. Attendance tracking, PTOs and even getting of your tech’s actual utilization are its highlighted features. Please get in touch with your Account Manager so we can assist you with the setup or even have our Solutions Engineer join in to help you assimilate the use of MSPbots Attendance app into your operations.

Here is our wiki page to get you started: What is the MSPbots Attendance Manager? - MSPBots WIKI - MSPbots Wiki

We have also created a ticket for this post (HELP-2598) viewable in our support portal (support.mspbots.ai). So you can follow-up if in case you would have any other questions related to this post.