[New Bot] Alert when Assigned a ticket to a user. I'm marking this as high as we would like to get it set up ASAP as techs aren't realizing they're being assigned items

Summary: Alert when Assigned a ticket to a user. I’m marking this as high as we would like to get it set up ASAP as techs aren’t realizing they’re being assigned items.

What problem/s will this bot address? I’d like to have a bot alert technicians when they’ve been assigned a ticket so they know when it happens.

Is there any dashboard that you are using today to address this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If a ticket is assigned to a user (either as a resource or owner), then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - Specific User/s

Details of the message to be sent if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Dear , You have been assigned Ticket #<ticketnumberw/hyperlink> - “” for at . This is a ticket. The owner of this ticket is .

   What should the recipient be asked to do? Please acknowledge this ticket before EOD.

   Why should the recipient do it? To ensure they see the ticket and understand what’s going on

Suggest a name for this bot: Ticket Assignment Alert

Description of this bot: To alert when a ticket has been assigned to a specific technician.

Priority: High

Doesn’t your PSA do that already? Like a workflow rule in Autotask or PSA Ticket handling integration with the RMM? I’m only very familiar with Autotask and N-Able integration, but we already have that dialed in on the PSA/RMM side and the bot would just be repeating something that is already in place.

Hi Michael,

I would find this helpful too, it is best to have alerts come from one place. If technicians are used to Teams messages from bots I’d like to have all notifications come from there too and turn off the PSA ones.


@Delaney_Smith , You have the Pro package are you not using the Next Ticket? Just trying to understand if you are using Next Ticket or not, which would render a bot notifying a tech when they are assigned a new ticket mute.

Same for @Camron_Matthews but also
Are you getting bot messages now? Teams looks to be disconnected since Aug '22

We will be, but that is different than the bot notifications, I would still notify my techs about tickets that are assigned to them even if next ticket says to work on something else first. We have a potential first touch response that can’t be considered by a bot which takes precedence.

Apologies, I was also answering the above question, no Teams integration isn’t added yet. I am waiting on that as well (all future planning).