[New Bot] Need a bot to alert a tech they are missing a config from their ticket

To which integration/function area is this feature request related? ConnectWise Manage

Summary: Need a bot to alert a tech they are missing a config from their ticket

What problem/s will this bot address? Missing configs on tickets

Is there any dashboard that you are using today to address this problem? yes

Where is the dashboard located? Dispatch and the gauge is No Config Attached (No Slicers)

When should this bot be triggered? If after a ticket has time put on it and it has been 5 mins, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - Specific User/s

Details of the message to be sent if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Dear , you are missing a config from the ticket

   What should the recipient be asked to do? Please add the correct config to the ticket

   Why should the recipient do it? This will help ensure ticket histroy is easy to search and help prevent techs working on the same issue

Suggest a name for this bot: No Configuration on worked ticket

Description of this bot: This bot reminds a user to add a config to a ticket once they have begun work on it.

Priority: High

Hi Cameron,
Thank you for reaching out.
I’ve created a ticket HELP-12426 to monitor the progress of your request (bot alert that will notify the tech of a missing config from their ticket) and you can view it by signing in here: https://support.mspbots.ai
To view and submit tickets, please visit: https://support.mspbots.ai
Wiki on how to log in: https://wiki.mspbots.ai/display/MKB/How+to+Log+In+to+the+MSPbots+Service+Desk+Client+Portal