[New Bot] Ticket "Discussion" Content Analyzer

Summary: Ticket “Discussion” Content Analyzer

What problem/s will this bot address? Look for keywords from customers that indicate frustration. This will allow MSP to get ahead of relationship issues when tickets are going wrong. Look for keywords like “angry” “recurring issue” “stupid” “WTH” stuff like that, which we can customize. Like a spam filter, if it sees “x” amount of keywords, it should trigger an alert to the team lead or teams message

Is there any dashboard that you are using today to address this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If client exceeds 3 negative tone words, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - Specific Channel/s

Details of the message to be sent if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? ALERT! - is experiencing frustration on . Please review ASAP.

   What should the recipient be asked to do? Review the ticket to determine the cause of frustration.

   Why should the recipient do it? To prevent technical issues from becoming relationship issues.

Suggest a name for this bot: Customer Experience Bots

Description of this bot: Bot that will search for negative tone keywords and alert Teams Leads and vCIO

Priority: High

@Joe_Turso , we have a template bot already, that can be cloned and adapted for your needs, we will be releasing a chatGPT version, that will be more sentiment-driven instead of keywords driven. Our concierge team can work together with you to make this happen.

Awesome! I did not see the ability to select a client update field, so I look forward to working with your team on this one :slight_smile: