[New Dashboard] Project missed tickets

Summary: Project missed tickets

The business use case: Finding missed schedules for projects can be difficult because Manage will not show a missed schedule if the ticket is scheduled for another day. There are datasets that list missed schedules for the service boards. I would like to see the same information for projects if possible. Finding missed tickets will help us ensure we stay on top of things.

Do you have reports that exist in another app/software? no

Priority: Low

Hi Jeff!

Thank you for sending this in.

Visibility on projects would most certainly be helpful and that is the reason why we have created starter templates to jumpstart your initiatives. You can go to ‘Template Dashboards’ and there you will find two templates related to what you need.

Alternatively, you can post your request to support.mspbots.ai as a concierge request and perhaps even make a bot from it!