[New Dashboard] Revenue by Product Category and Sub-Category

Summary: Revenue by Product Category and Sub-Category

The business use case: Analysis of sources of revenue - based on actual invoice rows for product and/or services - should allow filtering by date range

Do you have reports that exist in another app/software? yes

How is that dashboard accessed? Sales by Category - I’ve seen it in several applications, Brightgauge has similar, but it does it based on the GL codes, not the product categories which is not what we are trying to align to

What is the most important information in that dashboard? Revenue Dollars, Cost, Profit, % of Total Revenue for the date range specified

Priority: High

Hi @jbbehar , this was forwarded to the product team for review, your assigned account manage and product owner will reach out to you for more detailed information.

Meantime, If you can help providing more detailed datasets, closest similar widgets out of those 1200 prebuilt ConnectWise Manage widgets, and more detailed desired design. That will speed up the development. Thanks!