[New Dashboard] Widget Request (Not a full Dashboard)

Summary: Widget Request (Not a full Dashboard)

The business use case: We do not use the Resolution field for tickets in ConnectWise Manage, and we often have clients who write in to say thank your or something else along those lines, which means that the Dispatcher is the last person closing the ticket. For these reasons we can’t effectively measure who was responsible for resolving the technical issue. The best proxy for us is who last logged time to the ticket. So, the widget would be tickets closed by resource measured by who logged time last.

Thanks for the assistance!!!

Do you have reports that exist in another app/software? yes

How is that dashboard accessed? Currently in BrightGauge, but without the last time entry portion.

What is the most important information in that dashboard? No conditional formatting is needed. The following filters are needed:
Ticket #
Last Time Entry By
Resource(s) - people assigned to the ticket
Last Update
Last Update By

Priority: High