[New Integration] Connect Secure CyberCNS

To which integration/function area is this feature request related? Integration

Integration name: Connect Secure CyberCNS

Do you have the dataset API in your mind already?: Yes

Do you have widgets design already?: Yes

Do you have bot use case already?: No

Where is the API documentation URL?: https://cybercns.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/Verison2/pages/1755676675/CyberCNS+API+Documentation

pay?: no, I will not pay

Priority: Medium

Hi Liam,
Thank you for reaching out.
I’ve created a ticket HELP-14270 for your request (Connect Secure CyberCNS integration) and you may view it by signing in here: https://support.mspbots.ai
Please be informed that this request might take a while to be implemented, it will go through review/for approval/development/release with no ETA. Rest assured that we’ll update your ticket once available.


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