[General Feature] Accept button in NT

Summary: Accept button in NT

Description: Is it possible to add a button here “Accept”, which assigns the ticket to the resources who clicks this button, and changes the Status of the ticket to In Progress?

Why: Automation!

Priority: Medium

Hi Dennis, Good day. We’ve created a ticket for this request under HELP-4048 and currently we cannot provide this feature because we do not have WRITE access to your data thus we cannot change any of your ticket status. Please acknowledge the ticket and confirm if the explanation satisfies your inquiry. Thanks and have a great day.


This is an important feature to help avoid multiple people from working on the same ticket.

During our NextTicket onboarding session it was mentioned that write access to PSAs was currently being in development and being trialed with a few companies. Do you have any information on when PSA write-back might be available, and if it’s possible to sign up to trial the feature ahead of a public GA release?