[General Feature] Add ability to give direct control of multiple filters to the NT user

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Summary: Add ability to give direct control of multiple filters to the NT user

Description: Add logic so that a user can type: nt/ and be given a ticket based on the selected filter.

Why: While it is possible to enable multiple filters on a user of NT, this does not give control to the user on which filter to apply when requesting a ticket. We use a provisioning and a service desk queue and would like to have separate filters for these. If you could add logic that would account for something like “nt/provisioning” and “nt/service desk”, this would allow us to better cover our needs when a provisioning person is out on PTO. It is my understanding that in the current form, using multiple filters works in a round robin fashion. With this change, a user could use the same filter as desired for multiple requests in a row if desired.

Priority: Medium

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