[General Feature] NextTicket for Opportunities

Summary: NextTicket for Opportunities

Description: We would like to be able to use NextTicket for the sales team for opportunities, to help ensure that we don’t have state opportunities in the sales pipeline. The fields we would want to help determine opportunity priority would be the following: status, stage, projected close date, is there a quote attached, lead source, opportunity owner, start date, probability, rating, line of business, one-time revenue, monthly revenue, and UDF fields from the Company (to help determine who the account manager is for that company).

Why: We are about 60 days away from really needing this. We will be hiring an additional sales person in 60-90 days and this feature will greatly help with that.

Priority: Medium

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting your feature request over our forums!

Honestly, a TON of ideas have been brought forward when it comes to our Next Ticket. The use case (as long as we have the data) have even spanned outside of MSP industry into even retail. We are excited to know of where Next Ticket will take us in the future.

Your idea however is something we can consider since we already have data on opportunities. We already even have template dashboards to prove it!

To keep your request tracked, we have created a ticket for proper documentation. To set up correct expectations, feature requests will undergo reviews and would be prioritized based on how many clients are requesting. Here is the ticket number for your reference: HELP-2587

You can follow up or see the ticket progress through our portal support.mspbots.ai.