[General Feature] NextTicket rule builder

Summary: NextTicket rule builder

Description: NextTicket is a great feature, but it could be improved by allowing users to create their own rules. By this I mean to have the ability to combine multiple different pre-made rules into a single master rule based on a set of matching criteria.

For example, it would be great to create a NextTicket rule that adds a certain number of points based on a set of matching criteria;
IF Account = CustomerX, AND PriorityType = P2 THEN +10000 points.

But I then may want a different score for CustomerY:
IF Account = CustomerY, AND PriorityType = P2 THEN +1000 points.

It is building up a set of criteria for creating a set of AND/OR rules (akin to the Trigger builder in the Bots function).

Why: It would then mean we can really start to customise the NextTicket manager rules and gives us the ability to chain rules together, so that we can start adding custom points based on a set of matching criteria. The existing system is good, but it isn’t as flexible as other parts of MSPBots like the Bots designer/builder where you have the option to build up a criteria-based ruleset.

Priority: Low

@DanielWang - what are your thoughts on this? Does it sound like a good idea?

Hi @Robert_Milner , I just realized that I didn’t post a reply, it is a great idea, I sent the request to our product team, @James_Jiang , our team is doing the architecture design to see what needed to make it happen.

I will ask the team to post the feedback once we got the ETA or questions.


I see this is from March '23. I’m wondering if this request is now accommodated by the current (as of 12/21/23) Next Ticket Priority Rules combined with the Next Ticket User Filter Rule Default Template?

@abustamante , yes, it is released already, and we have clients using it every day. Here is KB article about how to use it:

How to Create an Advanced Rule for NextTicket Manager

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