[General Feature] Project Profitability Report

To which integration/function area is this feature request related? Autotask

Summary: Project Profitability Report

Description: I’m looking for a report or dashboard that can automatically show me the Gross Profit specific to labor for a project upon completion. All of the data lives within Autotask, so it should be a fairly straightforward request. Ultimately it should show me the GP% as well as the actual Gross Profit in dollars.

Why: It will provide us with an easy way to see if we are profitable so we can make informed decisions about our business as it relates to projects.

Priority: Medium

Hi Scott,
Thank you for reaching out.
I’ve created a ticket for your request (Profitability report) HELP-14262. You may view it by signing in here: (https://support.mspbots.ai/)


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