It would be good to have a bot remind staff to log time on tickets

It would be good to have a bot remind staff to log time on tickets. For example, if we expect 6 hours of recorded time per day.

Hi @Jason_Watts , we already have a bot for ConnectWise,, multiple MSPs used that bot, increased their average utilization from 60% to 85%. We can port that bot over to Autotask, but we will need help from the Autotask partners to understand the data structure from Autotask API.

We are looking for people MSPs that are using Autotask and familiar with the data structure in the Autotask to help with the development since we don’t have in house Autotask Expert.

What kind of help are you needing? I’m not sure how familiar I am with the data structure, however I may have a tech who is and can help.

@Crystal_Painter , @Jason_Watts , we need help to define and test the utilization widgets:

Once we can verify that each user’s real-time utilization is correct. We can create the bots based on those widgets.

if you go to Attendance (, click work schedule, you can set up the work schedule for each employee. We can create a bot to remind the user 10 minutes before their scheduled off time about their current utilization based on the 8 hours of the workday.

For users that use Attendance App, our connectwise bots can send the alert when users indicate that they are taking a break, lunch, or out for the day. See this message sample when users click the “Break, Lunch, Out” Button in the attendance program.