Stats update - Autotask Ticket numbers

So in Teams it still shows stats as only for CW, but its pulling data from AT, however its showing the raw ticket number, can we get it to show the AT ticket number Alias

Hi Jonathan:

Can you send some screenshots or give more detail about the request? Thanks!


Currently its showing the system ID numbers not the alias like you would see in a report

Data Set - Autotask / Autotask Ticket Statistics


Filtered Item

Autotask has a ticket ID and also a ticket number, so do you want it displayed as a ticket number instead of a ticket ID?

Let me know. We should be able to add some special code to make it happen. Thanks!

@DanielWang yes the idea would be to show the Ticket number

For example
Ticket ID: 59454 is T20210818.0051.001

URL String is still Autotask®

Hi @Jonathan_Fitzgerald , the update is released, please take a look and let us know if it is work as you wanted. Thanks!