Time Status pull from Tsheets

The idea would be to have Attendance pull from Tsheets for employee’s current status

In, Out, Break, Lunch so that the users are only having to use tsheets since part of payroll and that would then create data points for the API to pull and then update the user status in MSPBots so that the triggers could run.

We already have the scheduled times per day for the employees to be in, just trying to automate the process.

We looked into this idea about 1 year ago, I remember that issue is that Tsheets API doesn’t give us the data about the break or lunch, they just have in and out.

Things might be changed since then.

Another issue is that we don’t have enough Tsheets users to justify the dev team time, we can review how many Tsheets users we have so far to see if it is worth the time to spend on the tasks.

Another idea is to see the things that Tsheets can do that MSPbots can’t do, maybe we can develop that part of features in the MSPbots so you don’t need to keep Tsheets anymore.

See - [General Feature] want to add a dataset to QB Timer - so that breaks can be associated with time gaps

QB Timer has that function, but it is a different call and an added feature of Qb Timer. Meaning you have to have the addon and not try to cheap your subscription with QB Time.